Private voice instruction: 30 min – $40; 45 min – $60; 60 min – $80 / All Classes taught remotely on Zoom

All private voice lessons will cover the following key fundamentals and are the basis for developing a technically free singing voice:

  • Low, diaphragmatic breath support and breath control
  • Posture, alignment, and lengthened spine
  • Proper phonation — onset of tone, attack, and release
  • Open throat and laryngeal tilt in the middle register
  • Pitch accuracy and volume
  • Resonance – how to access your natural amplification
  • Timbre – your unique sound
  • Body tension, both good and bad especially in jaw, tongue, and neck
  • Blending registers, including register “breaks”
  • Voice classification and song selection
  • Interpretation, style, and diction
  • Song preparation and performance

Each lesson will begin with a series of vocal warm-ups and exercises designed to help the student gain better understanding of physical anatomy.  I will screen share slides to further illustrate how his or her vocal instrument is designed to work at its optimal best.

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