Singing Fundamentals 101 – these Small Group Voice lessons are designed for anyone interested in improving their over-all knowledge of singing.  It will help you gain technical freedom and fullness of expression with your voice.  I encourage my students at all levels to be curious about their own singing experience.   My goal is to create a safe and positive learning environment that will be both fun and challenging.

1 Hour Class – $30 / 3 Participants per Class / All Classes taught remotely on Zoom
You will be contacted to arrange date and time of lessons

We will cover vocal technique fundamentals including breath support, posture, phonation, pitch, body tension, resonance, falsetto vs. head voice in male singers, blending of register breaks, song selection, interpretation, and presentation.

The format of each class will be as follows:

  • 15 minutes of vocal warm-ups and exercises designed to help the students gain better understanding of their voices. I will screen share slides that illustrate corresponding vocal anatomy.
  • 45 minutes of singing will give each student 15 minutes to work on a song.
  • While the students are observing and not singing, they will be sharing their comments in the chat box.
  • I will record and share after each lesson.

If you are eager and excited to learn about your voice, I encourage you to sign up.  If you and two friends want to be in the same “pod”, sign up in a group.  I promise you will learn just as much from watching and listening as you do from singing.  This format gives you a built-in support system which will help you gain confidence.

Sign up for this Group Voice Class HERE!