Belting 101 – these Small Group Voice Lessons will explore what the term “belting” means and how to do it safely.  Incorrect belting can lead to vocal cord swelling, hoarseness, nodules, polyps, and even worse, vocal hemorrhage.  There are different ways to produce a healthy belt voice.

1 Hour Class – $30 / 3 Participants per Class / All Classes taught remotely on Zoom
You will be contacted to arrange date and time of lessons

The term BELTING refers to the use of more chest register (a heavier vocal mechanism) and carrying it above the break or passaggio and delaying the use of head voice (a lighter vocal mechanism).  All voices have these two distinct registrations, but how and when to blend the two together for a mixed, or technique belt will be the focus of this class.

Vocal technique fundamentals covered will include breath support, posture, phonation, pitch, body tension, resonance, blending of register breaks, song selection, interpretation and presentation.

The format of each class will be as follows:

  • 15 minutes of vocal warm-ups and exercises designed to help the students gain better understanding of their voices. I will screen share slides that illustrate corresponding vocal anatomy.
  • 45 minutes of singing will give each student 15 minutes to work on a song.
  • While the students are observing and not singing, they will be sharing their comments in the chat box.
  • I will record and share after each lesson.

If you are already using your belt voice, this would be the perfect opportunity to see if you are producing it in a healthy way.  If you have never tried belting but would like to start, this is also the perfect place for you to begin!

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