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Welcome to my Voice Studio…. I am Suzanne Falletti.  Whether you are an advanced singer in need of a tune up or a beginning voice student, I am here as your singing teacher to collaborate with you and offer you my considerable wealth of knowledge and expertise.

While professional singing has been my career, teaching my voice students is my passion.   Vocal study is just a jumping off point from where you are to where you want to go with your singing talents.  Learning to sing correctly allows you the freedom to apply it to any genre and style of music.

As your vocal instructor, your voice lessons will include key fundamentals which serve as the basis for developing a technically secure singing voice.  I approach teaching as a privilege and honor.   Let me help you reach your personal vocal potential.

For more information, please click the links below. All voice lessons are taught remotely until further notice.

To quote the motivational author Zig Ziglar, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Now with over 4,000 performances at The Metropolitan Opera and 35 years combined teaching and performing experience, it is my desire to inspire the next generation of singers and performers to reach for the stars and follow their dreams.

“Our job as instructors is to mirror what the student needs, and then offer pedagogical tools to fulfill those needs….Singing exposes a deep part of the inner self, a part that should feel safe in any learning environment.”

David L. Jones is a vocal pedagogue and teacher: A MODERN GUIDE TO OLD WORLD SINGING

Suzanne Falletti Singing Teacher Voice Lessons Vocal Studio

Professional References:

“I was so impressed with her extraordinary voice and acting ability that I engaged her as an Artist-in-Residence.  Suzanne possesses a beautiful lyric soprano voice which she uses with great intelligence and musicality.  As a teacher she has all the attributes to be a great resource for her students.  Her thorough knowledge of vocal technique, excellent communication skills, exceptional musicality, command of languages and superb dramatic skills combine to make her a very valuable resource for any student.  Her warmth, kindness, sincerity and delightful sense of humor make her an ideal teacher”.

Dale Dreyfoos, Arizona State University Professor of Opera /Music Theater

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Suzanne Falletti Singing Teacher Voice Lessons Vocal Studio