Even before you begin vocal study, have you ever recorded your singing voice? If not, make a recording and listen ......are you surprised? Do you sound anything like you thought you would? Probably not, because singers hear themselves mostly through bone conduction — listeners hear you through air conduction.

When you sing, pay close attention to what sensations you are feeling. Listening and even imitating trained voices can be beneficial and often lead you to some new discoveries about your unique sound.

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Performance Reviews

“Ms. Falletti was equally able as singer and actor, her singing had the banterous quality of a good sit-com, with perfect timing and an expansive range of inflection.  The smoothness of the performance was impressive, especially considering that most of the opera consisted of her half of the telephone conversation.”

THE TELEPHONE, by Menotti - Opera Burlington

“As Mabel, Suzanne Falletti takes good advantage of the works’ showiest vocal role, bringing a strong and clean soprano to the gingerbread vocal embellishments.”

PIRATES OF PENZANCE - Houston Chronicle


More Performance Reviews

“Suzanne Falletti displayed a beautiful lyric soprano, phrased musically and handled the coloratura and staccato handily.”


“The cast is outstanding……Ms. Falletti as the second lead is an extraordinary talent”

THE MERRY WIDOW - The Beaumont Enterprise

“In the current production of IOLANTHE, Suzanne Falletti brings a sweet, clear soprano and an appealing personality to Phyllis.”

IOLANTHE - Houston Chronicle