Student Testimonials

“You’ll love working with Suzanne Falletti.  She is generous, enthusiastic, and a conscientious teacher with a great personality.  I am a beginning student and started taking on-line lessons at the start of the pandemic but am amazed at the discoveries and progress I’ve made under her guidance. “

Tess Parker, Actor
New York, NY

 “Suzanne has helped me develop my voice so much.  She is always encouraging, supportive and kind.  I look forward to our lessons and recommend that you sign up for her classes too.

Eileen Burgerson
7th grade student

 “Studying and learning about my voice, with the incomparable Suzanne Falletti, is one of the wisest decisions I have made in my life and my career.  Classically trained, Suzanne takes you back to the beginning of how your vocal cords function.  Regardless of your ambition, Ms. Falletti will be sure to teach you how to correctly use your voice.  She is an extremely kind and talented teacher”

Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker
Performer, Filmmaker, Writer

 “I loved studying voice and vocal performance with Suzanne!  Not only does she understand how to break down and teach the mechanics of singing, she also is very warm, positive, and supportive as a teacher.”

Cara W.
New York, NY

“I have had several incredible voice teachers in my life, but I credit Suzanne with most of my breakthroughs.   Now as a voice teacher myself, I have been able to make a living teaching what she taught me.  Suzanne is constantly going through my mind as I explain to my students the magic of resonance and placement.  You’d be SUPER fortunate to work with Suzanne Falletti.”

Angela R.
New York, NY

“Suzanne Falletti is a wonderful teacher – encouraging and always positive.  She corrected some breathing issues I had and made my phrasing so much better.  She is excellent at explaining exactly what to do.  I was so lucky to have found her.  I would highly recommend her regardless of your current level of experience or style of singing.  She will keep the bad habits away AND you will feel great after a lesson.”

Lynn C.
Houston, TX