Just a few of the many testimonials I have received from my voice lesson students!

Suzanne Falletti is a wonderful teacher — encouraging and very positive. She corrected some breathing issues I had and made my phrasing so much better. She is excellent at explaining exactly what to do. I was so lucky to have found her. I would highly recommend her regardless of your current level of experience or style of singing. She will keep the bad habits away and you’ll feel great after a lesson.

Lynn C.

I began working with Suzanne as un undergraduate at NYU, in the 90’s, once a week for two years. I was always met with welcoming warmth and ease. I’ve had several incredible voice teachers in my life, but I credit Suzanne most with my breakthroughs.

I’ve been a voice teacher myself for thirteen years now. Suzanne is constantly going through my mind as I explain to my students the magic of resonance and placement. Suzanne taught me techniques for singing that when applied make me really proud of what comes out. My abilities are at a caliber that a professional teacher should be. I’ve been able to make a living by teaching what I’ve learned.

I don’t have a single negative thing to say, nothing I would warn you about… You’d be SUPER fortunate to work with Suzanne Falletti. All good things. 🙂

Angela R.

I loved studying voice and vocal performance with Suzanne! Not only does she understand how to break down and teach the mechanics of singing, she also is very warm, positive, and supportive as a teacher.

Cara W.

I have known Suzanne Falletti in a professional capacity for decades and have had the opportunity to observe her as a singer and a fellow performer many times over. She has a beautiful voice and is a skilled singer. I have observed her teaching voice lessons and found her to have a thorough understanding of how the vocal mechanism works and able to communicate vocal concepts and techniques in ways that are easy to grasp.

And she creates a caring and positive atmosphere in her studio. Any singer wanting to study classical, musical theater or contemporary commercial music styles will find the training and guidance Ms. Falletti gives to be not only effective and successful, but also highly encouraging and enjoyable.

Charlotte P.